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Led by Phil Sautter, an industry acclaimed thought leader who spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about cloud and Infrastructure technology and who's created products and services that have been recognized on Gartner Magic Quadrants and Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF) Tech Radars alike.Phil created Infrastructured because he believes in the transformative power of cloud technology.AWS is a strategic asset when you have the financial, security, and operational expertise to unlock its full potential.It's powerful, but it's COMPLEX!Businesses deserve a partner who can bring structure to the chaos, ensuring every cloud decision aligns with their strategic goals.This is our mission at Infrastructured.

02 - What We Do

Cloud Finance

Optimize Your Cloud Spend

Unlock the full potential of your AWS investment with our AWS FinOps service. We’ll help you achieve cost visibility, implement effective budgeting, leverage commercial savings and funding programs, and deploy optimization strategies to ensure every dollar drives value for your business.

Cloud Security

Safeguard Your Digital Assets

Protect your critical data and applications with our comprehensive Cloud Security service. We’ll identify vulnerabilities, enforce robust security policies, and ensure compliance with industry standards, giving you peace of mind in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Cloud Operations

Improve Your Cloud Efficiency

Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your AWS environment with our Cloud Operations service. We’ll optimize your cloud infrastructure for peak performance, automate routine tasks, and provide expert guidance to keep your operations running smoothly.

03 - how We Do it

Expert Guidance for Maximum Impact

We work closely with your team to understand your unique challenges and objectives. We provide tailored advice and actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Our expertise helps you navigate the complexities of the cloud, ensuring that your investments yield the desired outcomes.

Bridging Business Goals with Cloud Technology

We align your cloud investments with your business objectives, ensuring that every technological decision supports your company’s growth, innovation, and market leadership. By connecting engineering initiatives with strategic goals, we provide clarity and direction, transforming cloud spend into a powerful tool for competitive advantage.

A Holistic Approach to Cloud Excellence

Our approach ensures that every aspect of your cloud environment is optimized for financial efficiency, security, and operational performance. We provide the tools and expertise needed to manage your cloud infrastructure effectively, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives.

04 - Who We've helped

Media Company Saves Big with Infrastructured’s AWS FinOps Service

A leading media company, operating at near petabyte scale, faced significant challenges with their AWS storage costs. Storing a vast majority of their media content in Amazon S3, they were paying a premium to serve files to their users. Despite many media objects being older and seldom accessed, their business model required that all media assets be readily available at any time. Additionally, they relied on an external service for tracking and processing media files, which was sensitive to the location of these files. Lacking internal AWS expertise, the company struggled to find a cost-effective solution.Infrastructured stepped in to provide a comprehensive AWS FinOps service. Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the company's storage usage and access patterns. We identified opportunities for cost optimization without compromising on availability or operational simplicity. By implementing a tailored solution that leveraged S3 lifecycle policies and intelligent tiering, we were able to significantly reduce storage costs while ensuring that all media assets remained accessible and properly tracked.The impact of our FinOps service was immediate and substantial:* Reduced overall S3 spend by 43.7%, leading to significant cost savings.
* Maintained full availability and accessibility of all media assets.
* Ensured compatibility with the external media tracking and processing service.
* Achieved a positive ROI for the company within just 3 months after accounting for the cost of our services.
By partnering with Infrastructured, the company not only overcame their AWS storage challenges but also unlocked substantial cost savings. Our expertise in AWS FinOps allowed them to optimize their cloud spend without adding operational complexity, demonstrating the value of our specialized cloud financial management.

Leading Healthcare Company Safeguards Critical Patient Data with Infrastructured’s AWS Security & Operations Services

A prominent healthcare company, managing numerous clinics and hospitals, relied on a third-party hosted service to ingest and analyze patient data. Over time, the service provider's performance deteriorated, failing to meet the company's evolving needs. To regain control and ensure the highest level of service, the company decided to build their own AWS environment for data ingestion and analysis. However, they lacked the necessary AWS expertise, especially in handling sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI).Infrastructured was brought in to architect a secure and compliant AWS environment. Our team designed and implemented a Secure Landing Zone in AWS, tailored specifically for the healthcare industry's stringent requirements for data security and privacy. This solution provided a robust foundation for the company to ingest, store, and analyze patient data with confidence. We also facilitated the migration of existing data from the third-party provider to the new AWS environment, ensuring the integrity and completeness of the critical patient dataset.The results of our AWS Security & Operations Services were clear and impactful:* Established a Secure Landing Zone in AWS, meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements for PII and PHI, with enhanced encryption and access controls.
* Ensured a smooth migration of patient data with no loss or compromise, maintaining data integrity and compliance with HIPAA standards.
* Achieved operational efficiencies through faster data processing and reduced costs, enabling the healthcare company to focus resources on patient care. The delivery of cloud resources was facilitated by Infrastructure-as-Code, which was stored in a private git repository and handed off to the client for ongoing use and scalability.
* Provided a scalable and flexible AWS environment that can adapt to the company's growing needs and evolving data management requirements.
* Boosted stakeholder confidence in the security and reliability of the patient data management system, reinforcing the company's commitment to high-quality care.
By partnering with Infrastructured, the company not only secured their critical patient data but also gained the autonomy to manage and analyze it according to their high standards. Our AWS Security & Operations Services provided the expertise and solutions needed to navigate the complexities of healthcare data in the cloud, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

05 - How To Get Started

With a 1-hour complimentary session, we can identify your biggest risks and opportunities in AWS, and lay the groundwork that will save you money, reduce cyber-attacks, and enhance your operational efficiency.Start by filling out the form below and we'll contact you to schedule your session.

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